Girl Teaches Her Dog To Meow Like A Cat

Sure, your dog can fetch a ball, and roll over. But can it do this? Paula Mendes has been teaching her dog a very unique trick. How to ‘meow’ like a cat. Is it cute? Sure. Is it impressive? Very. But is it wrong. Also, yes.    Viral Viral Videos » Animals

Adopted Baby Elephant Adorably Wreaks Havoc At Home

What kid doesn’t dream of having a pet elephant? Especially after watching Disney’s Dumbo. Roxy’s exotic African animal rehabilitation center recently took Moyo the orphaned baby elephant in.  This cute clip of Moyo wreaking havoc at home is simply adorable.     Viral Viral Videos » Animals


Bird’s Eye View Of Sheep Herding Is Mesmerizing

There’s nothing special about a sheep. But a giant herd of sheep can be stunning. It’s all about the perspective. Aerial photographer and qualified pilot Tim Whittaker took this mesmerizing video of a large herd of sheep being herded in New Zealand.   Viral Viral Videos » Animals


‘Gansta’ Crab Holds A Knife

This video by Viral Video UK has gone viral over the weekend with over 400,000 views! A man found a crab which somehow got its hands, er claws, on a knife. It’s crazy how the arthropod was able to swing the knife.    Viral Viral Videos » Animals

Diver Cuts Stuck Rope Off Of Whale Shark

Most kids learn at a young age that the blue whale is the largest animal in the ocean, but it’s not a fish, but an air breathing mammal just like us. So what is the largest fish? The whale shark of course! While deep sea diving, a group of divers found…


Fox Doesn’t Understand That White Blanket Isn’t Snow

The instincts of a dog are incredible. Somehow, they just know how to swim, dig, and even understand a pointing finger. Foxes are basically cousins of the dog. Juniper the Fox is a special fox that has been domesticated.  But still, the fox is sometimes confused by his new indoor home. In…


Smart Dog Catches Fish By Using Bread As Bait

Every kid learns at a young age that fish simply love bread. Who hasn’t gone to the park with their parents to feed the fish stale bread when they were a toddler? Incredibly, Rani the golden retriever has learned this fact as well.  But the smart dog uses the enticing bread to go fishing!…

One Hundred Horses Run To Pasture

Besides for cats and dogs, horses are probably the next animal which humans have a special bond with. There’s just something about a cowboy on horse riding through the pasture that brings up images of freedom, nature, and independence.  That idea is palpable in this viral video, published by The Humane…


Will Ferrell As An Exotic Animal Expert On Late Show With Stephen Cobert

Hosting animal experts with their cute and exotic animals has been a tradition on late night television for decades. But this time, Stephen Colbert hosted comedian Will Ferrell as a professional animal expert.    Viral Viral Videos » Animals

Spider In Bagged Salad Is The Stuff From Nightmares

Most of us will opt for a bagged salad mix when trying to eat healthy. It’s just so much more convenient than chopping, washing, and putting together a salad on your own. But this video might make you feel a little bit different.  James Perry was about to have a salad from…