KitKat Implanted Into 3 Musketeers Bar

The mad scientist doctor of food, The Food Surgeon, is back with another creepy yet enthralling snack procedure. This time, he performed surgery on a 3 Musketeers bar and implanted a single KitKat stick inside after removing some of the fluffy whipped chocolate.   Madness! This video has gone viral over the weekend…


Tiger Woods Watches As Kid’s First Shot At New Course Is Hole-in-One

Talk about a grand opening! Golf superstar Tiger Woods recently opened Bluejack National, a new luxury golf course. But he could have never dreamed that the first person to take a swing, an eleven year old, would score a hole in one! Naturally, the entire crowd, and Woods, freaked out in…

Adventurer Hikes From Canada To Mexico

Have you ever sat in your car during rush hour traffic to and from work and just dreamed of leaving it all behind? Most of us have. But Skoop Boys actually did it! He quit his job last year to go backpacking from Canada to Mexico.  This is his journey. If you…


Trains Screaming Like People

We all know the sound a speeding train makes. That’s what makes this short clip so ridiculous. Theseheavenlybodies replaced the sound of roaring trains with human screaming.  The results are outrageous to say the least, and have gone viral with over 350,000 hits!   Viral Viral Videos » Crazy


Older Sister Impresses Younger Brother With Giant Fart

Farting loud and proud is the job of every brother. Especially when his sister has friends around. But this girl is turning things around. Just before she launched a loud stink rocket, she turned on her camera to capture the reaction of her younger brother.  “How is that even possible?!…


Making Sushi Out Of Dunkin’ Donuts

The crazy cooks on the Internet have made many varieties of sushi. But this may be a first. Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada was challenged to make a sweet desert sushi roll out of a box of Dunkin’ Donuts. Surprisingly, it looks super delicious and yummy. D&D needs to start offering…


Landslide Up Close Is Terrifying

Londa Edwards and others were working, clearing small debris, near Hwy 14 near Elk City, Idaho when the quiet situation turned into very serious. All of a sudden, a few small rocks began to fall. And then some other larger ones.  Soon, they had a full on landslide on their hands!  …


Fedex Truck Driver Performs Perfect Reverse Parking Into Narrow Garage

Many people struggle just backing up into a parking space. And they have a backup camera. But this FedEx truck driver is a true pro. Not only can he back up his truck perfectly, but he can perform the move while turning into an extremely narrow garage door.    Viral Viral Videos…


Digital Art On Woman’s Face Will Blow Your Mind

What was once only imaginable in science fiction movies is quickly becoming accessible, everyday technology. Intel demonstrates the power of their real time face tracking by turning Nobumichi Asai’s face into a canvas for hypnotic light show in real time. Wow!   Viral Viral Videos » Crazy


Helicopter Crashes Near Pearl Harbor

Mr Motofy was visiting Pearl Harbor in Hawaii when disaster struck. A helicopter flying near by lost control and crashed into the water! This clip has gone viral with over 2 million views! Read what happened on ABC News.    Viral Viral Videos » Crazy