When You Can’t Find Your Ringing Phone

I’m sure we all recognise the hasty feeling of being called, but your phone is nowhere to be seen. What do?! Well, don’t fret, you’re not alone. Some people leave their phone in the silliest […] The post When You Can’t Find Your Ringing Phone appeared first on Viral Viral…

Little Boy Can’t Find The Goggles He Has On His Head

I am still not sure whether this boy will get an Oscar some day or whether he really just did have a reaaaaally big blank space in his head that moment. But nevertheless – if you happen to search for something: look on your head. Maybe you did have your…

Dog Is Hilariously Bad At Find The Snack Under The Cup Game

The ‘hide something under a cup’ game is a classic tool scientists and animal researchers have used to test the intelligence of animals, pets, and even children. Lexie C decided to give their Boxer the cup test. Sadly, she didn’t do very well.    Animals – Viral Viral Videos